Blessing Acres

I am going to share my favorite produce stand. That I enjoy visiting. Her things are always fresh and has great prices. Here is butter crunch lettuce. Which is my favorite.

She also still has hanging baskets and dried flowers.

You can follow her signs off County Road 201.Past Stan's meats.

The owner is a widow with a big family.And she supports her family with the produce they raise.
Today when I got there her three teenage children were working out in the fields behind her stand.
When she is there we like to exchange recipes and talk about whats going on in our lives. She can never remember my name,and refers to me as Allen's wife. Which is very common in the Amish lifestyle.

This is the sign in front of her produce stand.

I went in the back of stand to find this beautiful picture. Think the tomatoes are in full swing.

She runs her business on the trust system.

Love this old scale that works to weigh your vegetables.

And how wonderful is this,farm fresh eggs.

She has her own cookbook that she sells there also. She describes each of her children in front of the cookbook.

The tomatoes look extra red this year.

She also has fresh herbs that are kept fresh in water.

Here my Mom is weighing her tomatoes. Since hers are not ready yet from her garden.

Don't think I ever had purple peppers,but the looked yummy.

And so did these peaches.

Captured this bee on this perfect sunflower. Made my day:)
So stop by my friends produce stand and take advantage of the great prices and all the vegetables that are available this time of year. And blast some music and get started cooking. And maybe invite friends over to celebrate that we are in full swing of summer.
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