It's Not All About Me

In this blog my daughter is going to interview me.So you can get to know me better then you already do.
1. How old are you?
 39 And in March when I turn the BIG one I'm celebrating BIG!
2. What drives you in life?
Fun and happiness and seeing God in the colorful world.
3. How do you run your household plus two business's?
Well I try and set boundaries with family first. And I have no idea but always make sure I have time for me or I burn out. I also ask God to manage my time.(makes a big difference)Oh and think one key thing is I have a cleaning lady every 2 weeks. And my kids have helped so much this summer. And Allen waters my flowers daily plus allot other things.
4 .How long have you left the Amish lifestyle?
21 years ago.
5. Do your parents except that?
I have been blessed with wonderful parents that I have a good relationship with. They live next door.
6. What are ten material things you wouldn't want to live without?
My IPhone(that's a given),car,keurig,washer,computer,pool,house,bed,fridge,toilet. Not in that order;)
7. Morning or Evening?
Morning the older I get.
8. If you could live anywhere in the world where would it be?
Florida,you should of heard how fast I gave that answer.
9. Tell me about your family.
Allen my husband for 19 years has a good and kind soul. And he is talented with many things and is a good daddy. He was also raised Amish. And works for my family's business.

And Felicia is 17,and is driving and likes the freedom that comes with that. Shes a hard worker and dependable and a beautiful young lady on the inside and out. She is a runner and goes to modeling school this summer. And wants to go to Kent State for fashion design.
 Quinton is 13,and is funny and loves football,basketball and playing air soft guns with friends. Never a dull moment with him. And I rarely get a good picture of him. And he believes he will be a professional football player.
And Sydni is 10,going on 12. She has a dog Daisy that's close to her heart.She is my little mama girl that is usually found in a 5 feet radius of me. She loves cooking and is great at all sports she plays.Which are soccer,softball. She is a sweetie too.
This is Daisy our dog.That will only bark at the people that have never been to our house. We all love her.
10. Coffee black or cream?
11. Tell me a life lesson you've learned?
Life is all about choices. Learned that lesson later then I'm proud to say. Many times through out the day I ask myself will that choice make you happy in the morning. And the answer usually is in black and white. Oh, and the other one is if you do what you always have done. You'll always have what you always had.
12. What's your hobby?
sun,garage sale,flowers,city,Goodwill's,taking pictures,blogging,friends,decorating
13. Favorite date?
Wine tasting then dinner at Rainbow Hills with my man:)
14. Favorite memory as a child?
Playing with our favorite cousins (Mast sisters) and dressing up our kittens and playing house in the corn crib with my sisters.
15. What is a normal day like?
I hit the snooze 2 times and nudge hubby get him up, and I make my way to the Keurig. And step out the back door and take a breath fresh air and look at the beautiful sunrise and meditate positive thoughts sometimes by what I listen to,or what I read,or sometimes even by what I smell. But am intentional at feeding my soul with good things. Cause it won't fill its self naturally with good things.
Then I will make who ever is around dippy eggs,or granola,etc.
I work as a massage therapist 3 days a week. But this summer trying to stay with 2 days a week, with kids home. And try and keep them in am as much as possible. Since we like to be in pool in pm. On my days off I usually one day do something with Mom. But lately my days off I have been working so much on our new business. We eat at 4;45 every day for as long as I can remember. Then the sports,laundry,shopping,social events fit in the rest of our hours of the day like sand.:)
16. Whats on your bucket list?
skydiving,Paris,being fit,mission trip,kids all graduate from college
17. Pet Peeve?
When people are late. And when people are ungrateful. And when toilets not flushed.
18. What do you Love?
God,My family,Parents,Dixie,Friends and colorful things,cooking,oh and nutella.
19. Hate?
Devil,temptation,lying,TV,cold weather,weeds,Dr pepper,cleaning,ironing
20. If you could change one thing in the world what would it be?
That everyone would treat others how they want to be treated.

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