Ladies Retreat At The Lake

This weekend I recharged by going to the annual Ladies Retreat. This is my friend Mary Jo's house at Lake Buckhorn. I was invited as a massage therapist to attend and work at first.Then became a part of the guest list. And no I don't go to work anymore. My guess is this was my 5th year attending. Allot the ladies attending are pharmacist,Dr,dentist,house wife's and nurses. But it doesn't really matter what your day job is. But whats is important is we are all there to recharge and laugh and love and encourage each other. And we all feel blessed to had Mary Jo as a friend.
This is her front porch as you enter her beautiful home.

Mary Jo as we she is giving us a tour of the lake.
There are so many beautiful homes on the lake.
Very relaxing boat ride.
And we come back to the dock to watch the sunset.
And enjoy the view as some of them go canoe.
Was Kathleen's first time canoeing and she loved it. Thought about attempting it,but was scared my behind would be attached to a canoe for the rest my life:)
Here is a typical convo of Kathleen and her great sense of humor.
She had us in stitches all weekend. Here's shes doing one her famous dances.
Some how my bra always seems to be tried on by someone.Sorta like you never know what its like till you walk in some else's shoes. Only a bra,think their all just jealous.lol
Her place is call DanceADeck.
We always usually talk till wee hours of the morning. And we one by one drift off to bed as we please. And the wonderful part is she can comfortably sleep 17.
I love to get up early and wonder down to the water with my coffee. When there is not a soul around.
This morning when I got down to the water this old gramps was fishing by himself. And he taught me a lesson. And he was fishing when all at once his phone rings and he answers and he said "Yes sure I'll meet you but it will be in a hour. But first I have to finish fishing." I assumed someone asked him to go to breakfast. Was impressed how he had his priorities right. Of taking care of himself before he takes care of others. And no he didn't catch a fish. And had to chuck to myself how the fish started jumping where he was fishing,once he left.
There are so many relaxing little places here.
This is a special little oasis where she has reminders of the daughter she lost.
And there is always a hill or steps to climb from lake to house.
She always has little touches that make you feel special.
We were counting down the seconds to toast to Mary Jo's Birthday.
These are not all the ladies that attend the retreat. They drift in and out all weekend.
This is the Kathleen and Dr. Laura from Wisconsin.
Was breakfast one morning.
And dinner another night.
Kathleen saving me a seat. Love this lady.
Her and Mary Jo were room mates before they were married. And we always enjoy their wild stories of all the memories they have made together. What I admired most of this group of ladies,when I first met them is how so many women can get along with each other. And how open everyone is with each other and they don't feel judged. Feeling very blessed to have this group of friends. Who I only get to connect with once or twice a year. But feel like we have been friends with for years. Surround yourself with emotional healthy people and see how your life is blessed. 

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