Living in Amish Country

One more reason why I like where we live. As I drove down the road last night I drove in aw at the pretty fields and sky's.
We have breath taking sunsets. And awesome sunrises.
I was having a bad day. And needed a attitude adjustment,when I took this picture. And I realized how lucky I am to live in this beautiful countryside.
Think so many times we get so caught up in busyness we miss so many beautiful things among us. This is one my Mom's flowers.
On Sunday night we were at my in laws and we sat and watched the sunset before we went home.It reminded me of how we stay to watch the rest of the game on TV. But this was a much better show.
This is one my favorite stops in the summer at Blessed Acres produce. It is ran by a Amish widow lady that supports her family with produce. We often stand and share recipes with each other.
So take time to feed your soul with the beauty around you,and love life where you are.
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