Fete Blanc

Last Friday evening I had my first experience of attending a Fete Blanc Party. The dress code was to wear all white.
This party was originated in France. And has since made it to America. And was first started in NYC. And very happy it has made it to Columbus Ohio. One of my favorite cities to travel close by. I first heard about it when I hosted a Canning Demo on TV,for the Parade of Homes. And I said I'm going. Since I was planning on going to France this summer and plans got changed. And let me just show you through this blog how this evening was a mini dream vacation.
We had fun planning and shopping for the picnic in the park. They twittered the location a couple hours before the event. And the tickets had to be reserved before the day of,for only $10 each. And the profits went to charity.
I prepared the beer chicken and
was so easy. Just poured some beer in bottom of pan and put the chickens rump over the top of can and patted this rub on I found at Kroger. And baked it at 320 degrees uncovered for 3 hours.

Also made a fresh herb butter.
Cheryl made a awesome salad and pasta with roasted pine nuts. We always request the pasta at their house.
Then we went to get dessert at the best place in town.
We arrived not knowing what to expect. But we were soon setting up our table connected to all the others.
As the clouds started rolling in. But we were blessed that the rain held out. And turned out to be a nice breezy evening.
 And it was held at a park on the north end of the city. And was hosted with a upbeat band.
The food and table settings were like eye candy.
Oh cheese! What would we do without you at these kind of parties.
This salad looked amazing.

Liked these chairs with the white.
Quiche looks Divine.
This table had so much color on it with all the whites it stood out.
Liked these flowers too.
If you didn't want to pack your own picnic. You could buy these ready made picnics.
What a work of art. To pretty to eat.

This chicken was a hit!
Cheryl was cold so Luis brought out the campfire via iPhone.
Cheryl's pasta.
Brie and sheep cheese with bread and herb butter.
This salad rocked!
Brian made this chilled peach soup that was fabulous.
Brian also did the flowers and we had a lovely table setting.
This was another tables appetizer.
And this was our dessert.
And the table next to us shared theirs with us.
Someone was a sandwich artist.
So many beautiful people and beautiful food.
Met these people and they were a fun group.
This table looked like a pinterest table. So creative.
So how about breaking the bread and hosting your own Fete Blanc party.
But please invite me too. And till then BONJOUR!

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