Spaghetti Warehouse

Last evening we celebrated my husbands Birthday at the Spaghetti Warehouse.
This was a first time experience for us. The place had so much history to it.
It had a warehouse/factory unique feeling.
With way cool antiques and memorabilia hung everywhere.
This chandelier was amazing,and it was purchased for a quarter of a million dollars 20 years ago. It is made with Swazi's diamonds.
According to the menu,they are in business for 40 years already.
You get endless soup or salad with every meal.
They are famous for their meatballs. Syd loved them too.

We spotted this sign and we had to take a picture for our dear friend Dixie.
So next time your in Akron Ohio stop and try the Spaghetti Warehouse and enjoy the great Italian food. It will not disappoint you!

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