Troutman Vineyards

Today we were driving from Wooster to a appointment in Loudenville on route 3. When we had 20 minutes to spare. So we stopped at Troutman's. I had almost forgot about them. We were refreshed by the time we left,with the ambiance of the place. We drove back to the vineyards,and we found this treasure.
As soon as we got out of the car we were greeted by Corona and Mona.
Syd fell in love with them and asked if they are for sale.
Their front door is very welcoming draped with grapevine.
They have a cozy dining area,and you can purchase cheese and snacks.
They also have a bigger dining area for groups,
or outside area where they have live bands on the weekend.
There is a old fashioned wine press setting in one of the corners. That I'm sure it could tell us stories if it could speak.
The inside has a unique flare to it.
Loved this in the back of winery,there are rows and rows of grapes. This is when I realized how lucky I am where we live,and this is only 10 miles from our house.

There are beautiful flowers with butterflies that set the tone.
Jen greeted us with a welcoming smile. She was very friendly. 
This cat ran out the front door as we opened it. Which also made us feel welcome.
So next time you got 20 minutes or just need to slow down and smell the grapes. Stop in at this unique Vineyard and pick up some wine and enjoy the goats:)

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