Inspired to Host

By looking at this picture,I'm inspired to host. This blog I'm using some pictures from Pinterest,and some my own.
What a great idea to use newspaper to wrap a sandwich,and tie a raffia string around it.
Last summer a hosted a brunch on the whim. Planned the night before so just used what I had. I put yogurt in these cups,and sprinkled them with white sugar. Then used Allen's torch out of garage to burn them. Throw a couple raspberries on top and BAM! I had a lush dessert.
Used this idea when I hosted a frog more dinner last fall.
Here is the table from the frog more supper. You cook the meal in a big pot and dump it right on the table to eat.
You don't have to the let the fact,that you don't have space keep you from hosting. You can throw a sheet by a creek or in a field. Sure a farmer won't mind if you ask.
The best tip I can give you is if your relaxed your guests will be too.
The rest is all in presentation in picking colorful food.
Use what you have in setting your table settings.  It makes it much more personal.
What a great idea in hosting a team dinner. They can grab these on the run.

Want to do this.
One rule is never burn scented candles on a food table. This display would be perfect.
Sometimes I decorate my tables rustic,and sometimes formal. Depends what I'm serving.
Last weekend my brother hosting a company outing. He served the steak fresh off the grill. It was the best!
For some reason had hard time downloading this picture. Here we hosted our small group and put electric skillets in middle of our table. Everyone made their own Wasabi meal.
Like to use different breads for sandwiches.
This is on my bucket list to do.
Want this to host or for flowers.
We hosted the youth for a roadkill. Used this wall,that is painted with chalkboard paint for menu list. One of the best decorating things I've done for my house.

These make great appitizers.
So I'm hoping this inspired you to host a friends or family. Because its all about making memories and loving others.
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