A Weekend of Celebrating Life

This past weekend we celebrated life to the fullest.
One my good friends got married. That I had the honor of being bridesmaid for. Shana has one the most grateful heart. She's has been like a little sister. I'm so happy for her new life with a good man.
Loved there shoes.
This was at the rehearsal dinner.

Her decorations were perfect for the outside wedding.
We were setting up for the big celebration.
These chairs really looked great with the out door theme of the wedding.
This is me with my good looking husband at rehearsal dinner.
And our two youngest kids ready to welcome the guests at the wedding. Too cute!
This was us bridesmaids with the bride the morning of wedding. She gave us all monogrammed shirts.
Shana getting into her jeep to drive to the wedding. Wishing her many happy days in her new journey of life.
Then on Sunday we went fishing with my husbands family.
It was so beautiful,and the skies were so fluffy.
This is Allen with his brother,sister and Mom.
When it got hot me and kids jumped in.
We jumped of this rock. Did you hear me say WE? Well I will admit. That I just jumped off the small rock in the bottom.
This is all you will see of my jump.
All three kids caught fish. Here Fee is showing off one.
And Quinton with another.
And Grandma helping Sydni with hers.
Was so relaxing to just do nothing.

Then on Sunday evening we went to a cookout at our friends house.
Here Sydni is feeding Jackson.
Was so nice to be sitting by fire and catching up with things that have been passing us by.
Loved every part of this weekend. But not going to lie needed the Monday to reflect and recover.
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