Late Night Affair With More Peppers

I am asking myself "Why do you do these things?"
But have come to the conclusion that it is because I enjoy doing it. One of my daughters said to me as she gave me her good night kiss."Your just like Mommy(grandma)you never want us to run out of food."
Had to chuckle cause knew the reality was this affair with peppers however wasn't to replenish our food supply. But for gifts to my friends that love it hot,hot,hot!
My mother in law gave me these peppers tonight. Hated for them to go to waste. So I cut them up with rubber gloves on.
Have learned my lesson by not wearing gloves one to many times. But if that ever happens to you. Put your hands in yogurt to draw the heat out.
Like to put jars on side to fill them. Peppers stack easier.
These peppers were so colorful and made it even more fun to can.
2 quarts white vinegar
6 cups cold water
1/2 cup salt
3 cups white sugar
Stir together cold and let set and stir till turns clear
like this. Then put a 1/2 tsp. minced garlic on top of every jar filled with peppers. I also put some lemon pepper seasoning in(a pinch). If I had Italian seasoning I would have used it. Next pour cold brine over peppers and put on lids and set in room temperature room. Or a cool room.
There is no need to pressure cook or heat any thing. The brine will reserve your peppers.
Also did this with mild banana peppers this summer.
But as for the ones I did tonight they are to hot for our family. So please stop by for a visit and you will be treated with a jar of divine hotness if that is what pleases your taste buds.

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