My Colorful Day

I went to Columbus yesterday for work and to take my daughter to school. I was tired and wanted to spend the day at home,and needless to say by the end of the day was freshly inspired for living the life I live.
I believe you have to be intentional on being inspired and seeing all the beauty around us.
Here I had a hour or two to blow,till my daughter was done.
I parked behind a resale shop and see this beauty. It set the tone of my mood.
Took this picture as we headed out of the country to the city.
We like to stop at the Pioneer Diner in Utica for a good home cooked breakfast when we pass through.
Was very eventful this day because it was packed. Because of the Johnstown swap days.
So only room left was at the local bar. Lets just say it will be the seat of choice from here on out. We learned more from the locals in that hour then I care to share. We learned that the left side of the U shaped bar is the v.i.p. side. We noticed that as soon as a guy got up to leave others would move their food,coffee and all to the space that opened. In the picture the guy all the way on left gave us free tomatoes to take home. He plants 60 tomatoes every year to just give away. The guy in the middle was quite hilarious. When I snapped this picture. He thought I was taking his picture cause he is a town bluegrass singer. And showed us the picture on the wall of fame at the Pioneer. And gave me his card. Felicia and I in low voices in dutch would say what a gem,and here comes a even better one to join us. I sat beside Marty. He was retired and had allot of info on community and where he thinks I should sell my GoGo Bars.
I googled thrift stores and it brought me to the little more high end thrift store. I bought a scarf. If I had to pay for the inspiration the store brought me. It would have emptied our bank account.
As I walked in front door it brought me back to the great 80's. The song by the Cars,Pink Cadillac came to mind. "crushed velvet seats"
Thought it be fun to buy all these and have fun night out with your girlfriends.
My daughter is still raving on why I didn't buy her these.
This was a beautiful wall as I crossed the street for my next treasure.
I'm going to call this the no name store. Since I couldn't find a name on the store front. Wish I could have snapped a picture of the owner. Because he fit right in with the antiques.
I bought this pumpkin to spray paint it silver. Show you in future blog.
This is what inspired me to do that. I'm also not paying $20. for one.
Really liked this store. Great decorating tips I gathered in my head.
What a beauty.
Cute headbands too.
They had a lot of refurbished pieces.
This vintage store took you right back to the 70's aria.
I'm still thinking about this quaint piece.
This art piece is what inspired me that I needed to bring orange onto my living room to brighten things up. Even though I didn't buy the piece.
Would have loved to take Hillary home with me but she couldn't walk.
So as I roamed down the street I was soaking up any thing that my eyes could see.
This store front is kind of hard to see but,like how this book was displayed.
Got a couple treasures at this store,and meeting this guy was one of them. He worked there and offered to help me carry out my lamp. So I gave him a GoGo Bar for his kindness. Can't remember his name but know he loves the Lord.
Next I got this for a friend that has a cupcake shop.

My new favorite pattern is the chevron. You guessed right I bought myself the orange one for my living room.
This the chair I left behind. Another color that I love.
This was a sign we were getting closer to home again. Love where we live. But still like the inspiration and colors that are in the city.
The art piece and the blanket cost me $50. But what it did for my living room is awesome.
This was our treat/dinner at the end of our colorful day.
So as you drive down the road,or visit thrift stores be intentional at being inspired and see what it does for your soul.

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