Chili Soup Demo At Walnut Creek Cheese

On Friday I did a fun class at the Butterchurn Kitchen @ Walnut Creek Cheese. I canned Chili.
It has been my Mom's recipe for years. That everyone loves.
Was such a beautiful ride over to Walnut Creek. It is 45 minute ride from my house. I enjoyed the drive as I watched the sunrise change by the minute. I had time to connect to the man upstairs and praise Him for my blessings.
One thing that's so nice about cooking in this test kitchen is I don't have to lug things in and out of the car. All I have to do is go get a cart and get what ever supplies I need. Miriam from the Butterchurn has been wonderful to work with.
They have this awesome burner run by propane that sets right on your counter top. I've done all my canning demo's on there and love it. It sells for only $24.99. The refill bottles are only $2.49. It is wonderful if you have a glass stove top stove. Much cheaper then buying a new stove.
I fryed up 10 lbs fresh 90% lean hamburger for my big pot of Chili.
This is also a new tool that they had that I absolutely LOVED. It makes it so easy to chop your hamburg finely.
I usually give everyone a copy of the recipe. Also had to introduce them all to my new company Lena's Amish Granola. You can check it out at www.lenasamishgranola.com
Love doing these demo's for this great group of ladies that I call my groupies.
Had a couple new ones this week too. The lady in the center with the flower shirt is always so helpful and sweet. Her name is Debra. The fourth lady from the left,has her family over every Sunday for dinner and no one brings anything along. She such a cutie. The lady 5th to left makes big pots of soup and brings them to her elderly people at her church. And the 4th lady from the right lost her teenage daughter a year ago to a terrible accident. That is her Mom to right of her and she takes care of her elderly Mom in her home,and is glad to get away to these cooking classes. She also hides all the gadgets she buys at the Butterchurn from her husband. The rest all had their own story too. But now it gives you a perspective what a great group of ladies they are.
When it is all done they not only get to test a bowl of soup and some of my granola. But they also get to take home a jar of the chili soup. So next time someone wants to share their story with you take time to listen. Or if you are given a gift. Just say "Thank~you!" it is a gift back to the giver.
Happy Fall to you All!

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