My Sisters Keeper

The Lord has been my sisters keeper.
On 09/11/10 my sisters family was changed forever. Can't believe it has been 2 years already. Some of you know part of my sisters story and others none.
First of all want you all to know I let my sister read this before I published it.
 Really don't even know where to start. She has 8 beautiful children. She lived in Wisconsin and she seemed so very far away when she called us for her help.
One day she called and had snuck out all 8 children in fear of her life. She only had $100. that my brother gave her when he was passing through her state for travels. She also had a borrowed van.
 So my Mom and I in 2 hours went to Wal-mart and got her all her family needed to live on. We couldn't move her here cause of custody battle.She couldn't leave the state. Long story short on 09/10/10 I was to only family member that went to move her and her children here with Moe, Joe and Curly(is what I will call them). We left in a big van and three guys that I had never met at 6pm and drove all night.
We arrived at 4am and still remember looking in window and never been so happy to see someone as I was to see my sister. She looked old and didn't have her teeth in but to me she looked beautiful.
She went with the guys to pick up the moving truck and go to the house where their belongings were, to load it up. While I was responsible to load up our van and entertain 8 children with absolutely nothing but my mouth. You'd think that wasn't a problem but for 10 hours it was one the most trying things I've ever done with distraught children that were hurting. Needless to say I only had a couple mishaps. Once one of them had found a lighter and was trying to burn a paper on the roof. And the oldest sons try ed to run away with a town man. But with my Dad talking me through it and many prayers from friends. We were (all 8 children and me) on our way to meet up with my sister and the moving crew in the afternoon.
I was driving down the road jamming praise and worship music and we were all singing on high. When I was marveling on the beauty of the landscape. When the tears started rolling on what a bright future God had for this family. I have never in my whole life felt closer to God then that moment.
I felt honored to be the first person to have ever taken these 8 children to McDonald's. Oh the looks we got when I walked in with the row of  Little House On The Prairie looking kids. They were so organized and knew who had to be who's buddy. 2 by 2 they filed in. Never realized I can't carry 8 ice cream cones at one time till then.
We (Sis,kids and Me) drove all night and took her to my parents cabin to spend the night till her house was ready. I drove since she was so emotional n mentally exhausted. We laughed and cry ed to whole way to Ohio.
She home schooled all of her children. When I mentioned that I'd help her get the children in the school system,she wasn't even open for the thought. Realized it has to take allot prayers and patience for her to come out of the cult like environment she lived in.
Was extremely blessed with friends that helped furnish her house and help out in other ways. And my parents and our family blessed her so much too.
One thing that was awesome about the whole thing is I'd pray and God would answer the prayers right before my eyes. Remember when we went to Goodwill to buy all their cloth. And the check out lady thought we worked for the Every Woman's House. Which in a essence we were.
Also remember taking to girls and her for their first haircuts. Or the times I'd go get her groceries. I got so emotionally involved it came a time where I was neglecting my own family.
At that time I got her a mentor through the church. Has made a big difference that I can have healthy boundaries no matter what choices she makes.
Proud of my sister she is the strongest lady I know. She has gotten a divorce. Her children are in the public school district. She has a full time job and is a great Mommy to her children.She is in a healthy church. She still has battles to fight and still needs your prayers but most of all she has chosen to live in the freedom Christ gave her.
Today I feel blessed to still have my sister and family with us. 9/11 will always be a special date for more reasons then one.
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