$2.50 Chairs

Was delighted when I found these beauties at a goodwill,this weekend. They were $2.50 each. Did I need them NO,but couldn't leave them behind.
So I unscrewed the seat and painted the seats a bright orange.
I looked everywhere around the house and couldn't find a table that worked to go with chairs. So went and looked in hubby's garage. Low and behold found this table that was falling apart. So I gorilla glue it together. Searching for paint for table, I found this
beauty for table top. Was a top for one his work benches. But nothing a couple boards can't replace. So washed it up.
What a transformation it did for the table.
Then transplanted chicks n hens into this nice glass vase. Used what I had around the house.
So happy with my new little space on our back porch right off kitchen that I will enjoy my morning coffee. $5. total for this cute little setting that will make me feel special as I can watch the sun rise.
So next time you see a chair that needs a little of your love don't walk past it. Give it new life and it might return the favor for you.

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