Country Living Fair Columbus 2012

This year it was a great and inspiring time. I went by myself this year. Since allot my shabby chic friends were working on Friday. I was so excited to go that I almost couldn't sleep the night before. Felt like the night before vacation.
There were lots and lots lady that were as excited as me to be there.
There was so many things I wanted but didn't need. Thought these domino's would have been a unique cheese tray.
ha, had to chuckle over this picture when I looked at it. The lady must been trying to hide her behind with here purse;) Noticed I was attracted to anything teal or similar to this color. But this one stayed there.
So did this,and
this gorgeous chair. I left it for those that needed it more then me.
This pile of pumpkin set the tone for the fall weather.
This lady paints these cowboy boots with leather paints. Yes, I got myself a pair at a goodwill and am going to attempt it.
This was such a creative booth.
Really liked how this booth displayed their sign,especially liked the big chicken.
Wished I would have took more pictures of the booth my friend has. Its called Happy Chairs. She gives chairs and furniture new life. Such a creative lady. She used to be a professional race car driver.
I got to know her last year and we became friends on face book and have stayed contact that way. She has quite the story. She uses her energy and passion she had with racing to her company now.
She also makes curtains.
Thought these crows were displayed neat.
This was the most stylish Mennonite lady I ever met. Liked her combo colors she was wearing with the polka dotted scarf.
Loved this booth too.
What a great idea for a outdoor party, Or even by walk way to house.
What a cool idea to make a wreath out of corn stalks in fall.
Think it was as much fun seeing all the funky hats and shabby chic outfits as the inspiration at the booths.
Cool boots,cool house
Liked the color combo of this pic
Purses made out of feed bags,seems like the trend.
Summer and Nikki were dressed so cute.
This is the chicken feeder that she has on pinterest that might get her a in the Country Living Magazine. She also had it displayed on our friends bridal table that was held outside.
This group of ladies inspired me. They are the Sisters On The Fly. It is a group of ladies the take these cute little campers and travel and do fun things together.
The lady on right has 6 children. She was from PA. Loved her name it was Q.
This was her cute camper.
I'm not a big fan of camping but did add this on my bucket list. Think it would be fun to set it in your back yard and redo in your spare time. Then let your kids or even maybe my husband sleep in it;)
This sweet lady was from New Jersey (I think) and was part of the Sisters On The Fly group. We had a soul sister connection. I was so happy to buy a beautiful pitcher from her. So I can think of her when I use it. I shared a GoGo Bar with her. That you can buy on www.lenasamishgranola.com
Love the chevron pattern you seen everywhere.
Also liked these table runners.
Thought I should buy this cow for a friend that lives on a farm. But gulped and changed my mind when I seen it was $400.
This booth of deep dish cobbler had a long line. Thought the southern bell women that manned the booth was so genuine.
The letters and numbers are still a trend too.
Was happy with the treasures I found.
This is the center piece on my table now.
Think this is my favorite picture I took.
What could I do with a chicken coop? Was thinking maybe a shoe rack.
These are my 5 minute friends I made over a lemonade break. The lady on the left lives in Vegas and flew to her Aunts(lady in middle) in Illinois then they road tripped antique style all the way to the Country Living Fair. Was blessed to have met them. So next time you need a day of inspiration visit a festival or a antique mall and let your creative side do the rest.

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