North Market In Columbus

What a sunshiny greeting we got as we walked into the North Market on Saturday.
Was just quintessence that this lady stood at the right place at the right time. She really wasn't a greeter.
This market is open every Saturday. It is located off High street on Vine street.
They had so many beautiful fresh veggies in season. And the Amish even had a booth there. This okra even looked good.

This picture is for the hot sauce lovers,a heavenly booth.

This is my purchase of the day.

Liked these heirloom tomatoes.

Was drawn to these lamps at this wine booth.

So many good looking and lush smelling pizza's.

I'm always attracted to the different colors in a display in food.

Any one for some chicken feet?

Oh! this is always my weakness. Absolutely love trying new breads.

What a great display. It just had a little water in bottom.

These were the chairs at the bar at Jeni's Ice Cream. LOVE!

You knew they were good cause of the long line. Syd's #1 food is ice cream. So her wish was full filled. She got buckeye in honor of the OSU playing.

We admired the fresh fish.


The shrimp were huge.

These lettuce wedges looked so refreshing.

Have you ever had chocolate dipped pringles?

Liked these fall looking flowers.

Yes please give me a dozen of those. So I can freeze them in case of emergency;)
Wish I would have bought some these. One my favorite flowers. They are so happy.

Great colored dishes for a good price.

These wraps and sandwiches looked really good too.

These homemade pasta's looked amazing. The booth was very busy.

Biggest fresh mozzarella balls every seen.
Syd found a friend.

We finished our day in the city by dining at the Smokey Bones Bar & Fire Grill. We (my daughters Fee,Syd,and I) made memories and experienced new things and seen,smelled,and felt new things that will inspire us to cook,play and live a life to the fullest. So next city you visit,check out the local farmers market and be inspired to host and share your life with others.


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