A Fall Day In Holmes County

Yesterday Syd was home from school sick so we took a ride down country roads to get her out of the house and get fresh air.

The day couldn't have been more pretty.

Here its hard to see but a Amish guy lost his hat while riding a bike. He was going back to get it. It gave us a chance to stop and get a picture of the pretty yellow tree on left.

This veiw was breath taking on this hill looking in the valley.

This was on the back road going into Millersburg from Saltila.

This is in Paint Valley.

We took the little back roads to Berlin to by pass the traffic. As we made some business deliveries.

Was wondering where this path in the woods would lead me. Next time might be brave enough to see.

This tree was so pretty.

Liked the reflection in this pond.

This made me smile so we followed to see what we'd find.

We found these beautiful flowers along with the cheap pumpkins. We had fun delivering them to a friend that had a Birthday and a couple others.

I stand in aw at his beauty.

This was first picture I took in my back yard when I looked out my back door in the morning and is what inspired me to make it a Lena Day,and enjoy the beauty all around me. That's my Moms pony that Syd loves too. They like driving it in,and around the neighborhood.

Probably trespassed to take this picture of this out building on a country homestead.

Captured this bee on these flowers.

Took this in a rustic building that is on one my Dads farms.

That prettiest tree we seen.(I think)

We stopped at this barn sale.

Also at the apple orchard within a mile from our house.

Got a Oct 2012 magazine free at a garage sale. Guessing my deal of the day.

Syd took this one.


This was across from a old barn.

Love this setting by someones house.

See where the road leads you. You can always find yourself again. Every road leads to the way to home.

Loved this truck and was same color as leaves.

This barn sale had many treasures.

Syd liked these goats by Hershberger Truck Patch.

My favorite picture of the day. Which is now my cover page on face book.

Really like this old barn with the ladder and the old wood. It was on the farm of Dads.

Absolutely perfect! What a creator we have.

Syd rocking the cider we got at the orchard close to our house. $4 a gallon which is a good price this year.

The orchard owners father bringing him more apples.

Got these dry bone waders for my husband at the barn sale. Lets just say it made him a happy hunter.

This is the house on Dads farm. It has so much character. Also had a haunted feel to it.
This was upstairs BOO!

This pump was way cool with the falling leaves all around it. 

We dropped another bouquet of flowers off to a special lady in Paint Valley.
Hope this inspired you to take a drive in the neighborhood you live in and enjoy all the colorful leaves that are in season. See things and thank the Lord for his beauty and see how he will make you see the beauty through his eyes.


Katie Troyer said...

I was planning to be in Holmes County but because of other obligations I didn't go...

Carolyn Hostetler said...

Nice photo's, Lena. The leaves are exceptionally colorful this year. Jr and I drove to Mohican and many others places yesterday. Was gorgeous. Unlike you, I don't know how to post them. I need the book that's for computer dummies. I heard there is one like that.

Pearl@serenitycove said...

I found your blog through facebook and I'm Carolyn Hostetler's sister.
Love the picture of the old truck. And that old barn. I'm always drawn to old barns. Where was that one? I would love to have a photo of that!!
The colors are amazing this year. I'll have some photos on my blog sometime this week.