Prairie Peddler Festival

Today my Husband and  I went to the Prairie Peddler in Butler,Ohio.
The leaves were falling. It was a crisp day. The rain held out. This is a tradition we've had that on the last day they are open in fall we head out to enjoy the leaves and get inspired by all the creative people that have booths there.

Wow! what a nice carving!

This guy makes cobbler under hot coals.

Here they blew glass.

The booths are in the woods and there was so many fall foods.

They carved out wooden animals.

Here they are making apple fritters.

Loved the apples in the crates.

They made them fresh as you ordered them.

So good but so sinful.

Another gifted artist.

This is the booth I always like to buy something from. This elderly couple makes all the jewelry out of silverware utensils.

Bought these cute spoon earrings this year.

Allot of the vendors dress in prairie style cloth.

We didn't have to deal with the crowds of people. Since it was so cold.

This guy was making the wooden spoons.

So pretty to walk through the woods and your smell kettle corn and hear live banjo music.

This lady made these musical instruments with cans and yardsticks.

What a cool yard ornament made out of spoons and forks.

We always spend most of our time watching the chainsaw carvers. Since that's one of the hobbies my husband has.
This is one of the carvings my husband Allen just finish carving. Its located in Clark. Close to Rusty Bakers painted barn.

Sorry I'm kind of getting away from the blog on festival,but if you get a chance to see this cool barn in Clark Ohio it will inspire you.


Back to the festival,here she made cool lawn ornaments out of pumpkins and gourds.

Think this vendor is ready to call it a day.
We all need our Sunday afternoon nap.
We were inspired and spend some time together without the kids.
We went home and made a pot of chili and warmed up with some hot apple cider.
Hope you had a great fall weekend too.

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