What would life be like without friends?
There are all kind of friends.
School friends,
Work friends'
Close friends,
Church friends,
Married friends,
Single friends,
Prayer friends,
Guy friends,
Girl friends,
 Soul sister friends,
False friend,
Childhood friends,
Face book friends,
Social media friends,
Wild friends,
Annual friends,
Partner in crime friend,
Lets get together soon friends,
It's comical when you think of all the different types of friends and friendships I have had over the years. I love all of my friends, the lifelong ones as well as the new friends in my life. I hope they remain in my life forever.
Sure I missed something but we all have a few or allot that can fall in either of these categories.
If it is balanced in your life you are a blessed person.
Friendship is born at the moment when one person says to another, What! You too? I thought I was the only one. ~ by C.S. Lewis
We all have friends,some of them have been in our lives for many years and others are to be still met in life. Friendships to some have little meaning or value and to others it's a thing to cherish and nourish. The dictionary defines the word FRIEND as: Someone who trusts and is fond of another.
As I thought about writing this blog. I looked at my contacts on my phone then at my face book friends and decided I am blessed with them all.
I have found that some friends you love them unconditionally and others at a arms length. Also have learned through life's lessons that a gossip to you is a gossip of you. And that some people will not always be happy for your happiness,and that jealousy is the root of all evil. I'm talking about myself here (not others) I'm ashamed to say after some deep wounds in friendships I've learned to be a better friend also. Am not proud of that. Another thing that my past job taught me is to be a better listener. Know still have room for improvement on that too.
One of the gifts God gave me is to encourage friends and to be crazy and silly when it is needed and also sometimes when its not needed;)
Feel lucky to have that quality.
The reason I wrote this blog is to encourage you to make new friends and nourish the friendships you have to put value to your own life. It is like having insurance to happiness and feeling loved. You are only hurting yourself if you don't trust people cause of your past.
I'm going to close this by sharing a little testimony of my childhood. I was raised Amish as some of you know. We lived in southern Ohio in West Union. It was a smaller Amish community and I went to a one room school house and never had any girls my age. Neither in my grade or in my church. Also being raised Amish we didn't have guy friends like the kids do now. So I always prayed and dreamt about having friends. I'm tearing up as I type this. So my guess I still have some pain from that.
Well years later we moved to Holmes County and guess what I had one girl in my class and her name was Denise. God had answered my prayer! We were inseparable. As life changed as we became adults we grew apart. But there is a happy ending to this story today we attend the same church and will share everything with each other and both feel so blessed that the church has brought us back together.
This is a picture of her and I a couple years ago.
Because of the pain I endured as a child and some other things I have went through in life. Is why I feel its such a privilege to have so many friends in my life now.
Happy People Make The Best Friends
But Lonely People Make You Feel The Most Privileged To Be Their Friend
Hoping this blog didn't offend any my friends but that it encouraged you to be a good friend and make many more.
Love My Friends!!!

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