Treasured Food You Only Find At Holidays


These are probably one of my favorite candies around the holiday. It's white chocolate with little peppermint pieces in them. You just roll it around on your tongue and let it slowly melt as you savor every moment of the divine experience.
This is a new one for us this year. As I was strolling along my cart at Rodhes. I met a friend and she had like 20 in her cart and I asked her if she is having a party and she said no my husband just likes the Cranberry Ginger Ale and we can only buy it around Christmas time so I stock up. So I decided to try it and you we LOVE it too.
Felicia my daughter,and I like this coffee creamer too. It is Nestle's Peppermint Moche.
These Ritz crackers are always fun to serve with holiday cheese balls.
Wonder how many bags of these holiday grapes we have already ate this holiday. We also like the citrus fruit we pick up more around this time of year.
These Andes mint chips are fun in baking or in hot chocolate.

Like using these fun shapes to dip in chocolate or for party mixes.
Never bought these but they caught my eye for hot chocolate or fun treats for toddlers.
How fun to make holiday pasta dishes.
I almost tried this but decided it will be for one of those times where I don't have time to make something and need to grab a quick snack to take to a party.
Wow! does that sound heavenly! Mocha Mint Dunkin Donuts Coffee.
So this holiday try something new and tell your friends about it too.
This is a little off the theme of the blog but decided to share with you anyway. I'm planning on making one of these turkey veggie trays on Thanksgiving. Thought I'd share and I'd inspire you to do the same. Hope you have a blessed Thanksgiving as we approach it.
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