Christmas Party #1

This is the hostess with the most est. My friend Mary Jo every Christmas has a party for her girlfriends at her Cleveland home. She is the same one that I wrote a blog on this summer on the Ladies Retreat at the Lake. This picture turned out blurry.

So yesterday I made food to take along for party last evening.
Took dried beef spread cream cheese and those Banana Peppers that I shared a recipe with you on the A Late night Affair With More Peppers

Then also put my Hot Pepper Butter over cream cheese.

There was so much amazing food there.

As we sat and mingled and caught up on late news,new news, and funny stories.

It also was JoDee's Birthday.

Spinach dip in bread bowl.

It was a wonderful place to share recipes for all our family holiday parties coming up.

Mary Jo made some mean warm dips too.

I'm sorry I didn't get a clear shot of this lady. But always know her as the Dentist that jumped in the lake one year with her insulin pump. She's a sweetheart.

Can never go wrong with shrimp on the rocks.

We were blessed with amazing food and wonderful friends.

As we sat by the fire. And these old Santa Dolls were Mary Jo's and her sisters dolls growing up.

One party down many more to follow. This is the fun part of Christmas for me. To get together with the ones you love and share whats going on in our life's. This season be a good listener and ask questions? On some occasions this is the only time of the year we get to see them.
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