Thrifting With Kathy With uh... K

Met my friend Kathy for coffee last week. Then we decided to go to Save And Serve it is a local thrift store that the proceeds go to missions. She got out of her car with her bag in hand. After she gave me the little low down of what she thought of plastic bags. We were ready to find our treasures. She has talked about her thrift store experiences, so I made a mental note that I'm going to see things look like through her eyes as I look for treasures.

As we entered she pointed to this sign where they collect bags and said "See they are always asking for bags so you should bring your own." Also it takes a 1000 years for a plastic bag to disintegrate back to the earth. OK :)
Kathy has such a whimsical witty spirit and that I just love hanging out with her.
Here she is telling me that all the bibles are free. She always checks the front of the Bible to see what it says. She said sometimes it says something like TO; Pearl    FROM; Dad and Mary. Then she snickered and said maybe there is a reason Pearl didn't want her Bible because maybe Dad left her Mom for Mary. Good thought! Those are the ones she picks up and takes home cause she feels sad sorry for the bible.

Here is another thing that she clinches when she sees it. Cause of all the work,time and love that is in cross stitching. Crazy how that thought never even crossed my mind before.
She also liked vintage Christmas wrap. She snickered and she this ones not even Christmas but is in with Christmas wrap.

She saw this and said "Oh wonder if it is a strong one?" Guess not;)
You'll never know if we paid for it anyway, but we will.

She likes to get Christmas plates to give away with goodies on them.

She got her daughter Lily this so she can use it as a cheat to play Words With Friends. To be honest I'm thinking she kept it for herself because last couple days shes been coming up with some pretty clever words on the game I'm playing with her.

You'll never know what I did to this dolls head unless you ask Kathy.

She liked this tree for her front porch but it was to expensive.

Another thing she does is check where everything is made. You guessed it if its not made in America she doesn't buy it.

She liked how Jesus looked in this picture.

Oh! Look A snow man with just a head as we giggled together.

I spotted these vintage ornaments in this cute suitcase.

If you get the snowflake cookie plate filled with cookies. Then you will be the lucky one.

LOL she is pointing to the American made with her finger she broke this summer while mountain climbing with her daughter out west. Was ready to snap picture and she says no wait I'll use my crocked finger.

We were trying to figure out if these were boob pads or shoulder pads.
Can't remember the story on the hankie.

We found this cute Christmas apron for .75 cents
She was so excited to wear it to her nieces house on Christmas day when they will be cooking their dinner.

This was the funniest trip to a thrift store in a long time.

This was my .50 cent treasure. I used it the other day to make my star garland. Even though I thought the tape measure would be a cute ribbon for a gift wrapped with a brown paper bag.

She say "Oh look he's made in China, but he has American eyes." Wonder do they have a Chinese Santa in China?

Found out she's not a big fan of self help books and would rather just read her bible. Love her honesty.

She has a thing with table clothes.
This one was wrong size.

Think she picked these up for I can't remember what. She could probably write this blog better then me.

Remember when you would get the Ideal magazine at Christmas time and you'd look at it over and over. With growing up Amish this was one of the favorite thing that came in mail. Because it had color. The Family Life and the Budget always just came in black and white. She told me her and her sister always picked which page was theirs and she always picked the ones with the animals on them. Kathy loves animals. On another blog I'll tell you of her pet pot belly pig and her pet mice she catches.

She stopped and winded this up and was quickly taken back in time once again of my childhood years.

She took this tin home for her bathroom wastebasket over the holidays then she will bring him back after the holidays..... hmmm hoping no one puts their party mix in it next year:)

She brought things to my attention I never thought of and I was inspired. As I looked at things through her eyes.

Soon we were both sick of the treasure hunting and we made our way to check out and go about our day. Blessed I am to have Kathy with uh K in my life and as a dear friend that I can tell anything. With conversations all over the place,and laughing together till we almost pee our pants.
When you call her phone her voice message says Kathy with uh K. So I call her that too. We were neighbors in Paint Valley when I was a Amish girl. Who knew our paths would cross years later and we'd be friends.
She made a difference in my life how I look at things in more ways then one. Because the other day I was at another thrift store and as I was looking at the inside of bibles and found this. It was my friend Matt Beres sisters bible growing up, and the whole family has lived out of state and only recently moved back. So I text ed him and told him he should get his sister it as a white elephant gift for Christmas.
Make new friends and nurture the old ones too. Your life will be for ever changed.
 Oh and buy American and don't use plastic bags!!!!
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