Love Instagram

Here are random Instagram pictures I took in the last week. What I like about Instagram it makes me look for beauty as I go down the road or where ever I am. It makes me think out of the box.
Today I was looking for things to put in a string garland that I want to make for around our front door. Then noticed how blue the sky was. So it matters in what angle you take your pictures. Look past your picture on what is in back ground. Also liked the fence in the back of this weed. Took this picture close to Benton.
I didn't want to run the chore I had to do,but because of Instagram the chore turned in to a beautiful thing.

Liked this Lama with the pines in the valley close to the Inn of Honey Run.

Last Sunday morning it was rainy and cozy as I sat with my Java and glared at our tree.

Last week I visited a thrift store with a friend and liked this vintage suit case display.
This picture was thought worthy. There was a huge fire right beside a flag pole. It was on a big highway so didn't get a very good shot of it. It was taken close to Millersburg Tire.

Last Saturday my friend and I made homemade Christmas cards. I made 36 cards all day. Might manage time better another year. But time spend with a friend was priceless.

Took this this afternoon in my living room.

Took this one while making cards.

Last week my husband painted this.

Last evening we attended my future sister n laws birthday party. And there were the cutest twins there too. There names are James and Joel.

This was a time of worship at our church last Sunday night. We are blessed with an amazing band at New Pointe.

Last Friday I stopped to see my friend and she has 4 hens and the cutest goat named Cooter.

Yesterday I drove my Mom to Berlin and captured this cute Amish couple making there way to grocery store. What stood out is his high water pant legs.

Then when I got home I noticed the dandelions in the yard.

Couple days ago my friend stop by unexpected and her cute son has the brightest bluest eyes. His name is Jackson.

Tonight I put my daughters hair in rags. She is hoping for a instant perm in the morning.

Last Sunday our oldest daughter sang for a event called Share A Christmas. She is the one in black hair 2nd from all the way on right.

Sunday Syd did a face mask to make herself feel special.

Today took this picture close to our house. There are Amish kids walking home from school with round corn shalk bales in back ground and a horse eating grass on left.

Met Sammy at the butchers last Friday. He was a doll. I talked dutch to him and he had the cutest dirtiest little hands. That told me he was a good helper.

After I left the butcher I captured this post with horses in back ground.

And this was on the way there. The clouds were amazing.

Took this last week when I finally finished our tree. Also go a peek of the window box with big ornaments and pine in them.

And I'm sure you seen this one yesterday on my party mix blog.
These picture didn't download nearly as clear and pretty as on the Intagram app that I take all my pics just with my Iphone. Some of you follow me already on this app and if you don't and would like to I'm relaxnchic or Lena Schlabach.
I wrote this blog to inspire you to see the beauty all around you even on those chores we dislike to run or do. Blessings to all who read this.
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