Party Mix

This afternoon we made a huge batch of party mix.
The last couple weeks I picked up supplies for it when I seen sales. My Mom also added to the collection since I always make hers too. This is one recipe that she thinks mine is better then hers.
The ingredients are:
A huge bag of pretzels
2 lg boxes honey combs
1 box fruit loops
2 lg bags of bugles
3 lg boxes chex
3 small boxes cheez-it crackers

And in the BUTTER ingredients I
put in 6 sticks of butter
melted,with I'm guessing like a half cup of Worcestershire sauce,and you know quite a bit of each of these two salts. Also I threw in a big handful of brown sugar. Sorry but If you know me you know that I don't do well with following recipes.

My daughter Felicia was a wonderful helper.

We set the oven to 300.

We pour all the dry ingredients together then poured the butter mixture over the dry ingredients. Then we tossed it and baked it for I'm guessing lika a half an hour, stirring it every 10 minutes.

When finished baking,we poured it out on a towel to cool.

We then put them in these containers. Look so excited for all this party mix!!!
Mom got half of it and I hid a couple pails and we still have some to enjoy:)

Hoping these will last till Christmas but my guess is it won't. Then I will just make another batch and hope it lasts till Christmas. This is one of the traditions we have at our house over the Holidays. I start making party mix first of December and hope it lasts till Christmas.......... but guess what it never does.:) Thats one of our holiday traditional foods. What's one of your family traditional foods?

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