Drive Down Snowy Backroads Of Holmes County

Want to go with my friend and me down some slushy and snowy back roads in the middle of winter?
It was a beautiful Saturday and I have been itching to get back out to drive around and see God's art everywhere.
Syd went with us too. We'd hear her in back seat saying you just missed a good one. She also has a eye for pictures.
Loved the red with the wreaths on windows.
Felt like we hit jackpot on this one
There were 2 white swans on this little pond with a horse in background.
I'd say stop,stop and have her to have the fence post in just the right place for picture.
These pictures sure don't do justice. Liked how the road winded up the hill.
I took all the pictures with my iPhone.
This cute little Amish girl got to go with her Father to the store. We were in Mt Hope. It is a perfect quaint little Amish town to visit if you ever visit Amish Country.
Liked this older yellow brick house. It also had a windmill beside it. You can see a little of it by top of roof.
This is snapped in Benton Ohio.
Was hoping for sled riding pictures. But the only once I got were to far away to see.
Like here the little boy was snow boarding with a team of horses in the background.
Think this was my favorite picture of the day. It is a buggy missing a wheel in front of Millers Buggy Shop.
As you see there are more ways the one for the Amish to have transportion.
Rain, darkness, snow, sunshine doesn't matter what weather you will see Amish on the rolling hills of Holmes County year around.

These corn shocks covered in snow is something you don't see much.
The pines covered in snow were so pretty too.
This picture was taking on the same farm that my manufacture is for my company Lena's Amish Granola.
We only had about a hour to drive around then we headed back to town to get groceries and head back home to our families.
This is a great picture of Historic Downtown Millersburg.
On the way home I shot this of a church close to our house and made it black and white and thought it looked like a vintage postcard.
This is a picture of our house. Not big and fancy but love our home.
Thanks for riding around the beautiful hills of Holmes County with us 3 in the comfort of your warm cozy home. Hope you are inspired to venture out yourself.


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