My Husband's Spray Paint Art

My husband Allen is a man that has many artist talents that most people don't know about. He is also a chainsaw carver. He just started the spray paint art this fall. He started watching YouTube on how to spray paint and his first picture he ever painted was a master piece. This is like his 4th piece he did. It's the twin towers in NYC.

These pictures do not do justice on what they look like in person. I just took the pictures with my phone.

They are all done in spray paint the he buys at Dollar Store. And done on .99 cent poster board.
Since it started being cold in garage where he does all his paintings. He started bringing the paints in basement to store over night since they don't spray right when they are cold.

So tonight decided to go out and snap a couple pictures of him doing them. As you can see he places something round where the sun is.
Also uses paint scrapers, Quinton's old sock, paint brushes or what ever he finds setting around that he needs.

Here hes making rays for the sun.
This is Allen's therapy. When he is missing in action and we smell a slight paint smell the kids ask "Is Daddy painting again?"

As I'm writing this blog he's out finishing up this piece. Hoping he will be in soon so I can show you finished picture.

Most of his paintings only take a hour or two. Think he's giving his sister this one since she loves elephants.
After Christmas I'm hanging this one in our living room wall.

These mountains are amazing!

He painted these two when he missed me when

I was in Florida.

And he is such a perfectionist that is why I had to beg him to write this blog.

This is the first one he ever painted. Love the big moon and the reflection in the water.

He did this eye in 15 minutes.

This is what he did tonight. It's his first painting he did in modern art form. It is on three  different pieces. Wow! I am so amazed at this mans talent he has held within himself and is now sharing with us and I hope soon many others too.
We all are given gifts and it is a great thing when we discover them and can share them with others.

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