3 Stories On Receiving A Gift Of Love

Story 1
I'm going to share with you what the gift of giving and receiving has done for me. How I have met amazing kind souls through travels and social media.
This lady I met through social media and I commented on the beautiful gauntlets she knitted and we struck up a friendship through time and posts. She is from Alaska. She asked me to not use her real name in blog. I asked her what name she'd like me to use and she said "Sour Dough Sally".
I asked her if she can make me a pair that I'd pay her for. So she asked me to preserve her some jam next summer for a trade. I love doing stuff like this.
She custom made them for me. She'd send me pictures of the progress of your gift of love.
As I'd measure every detail of my hands. Then send her the measurements.
As she knitted our friendship grew.
Yesterday I got this beautiful stamped package in the mail from Alaska.
So I texted her that I got it and I'll wait to open it till she's there. The anticipation of waiting on this gift and the love I felt when I opened it was such a warm feeling.
WOW! a perfect fit. This picture doesn't do justice on how beautiful they are.
She put this beautiful shimmering beads on top of them.
She also included this knife from Alaska. That I will use in my kitchen. It will make me smile every time I use it.
Feeling so touched by this once a stranger to me that is now my friend. She is witty,talented,caring and amazing woman.

Story 2 
Here is another example of a beautiful lady I met when we traveled to Chicago.
I noticed her cause she was a beautiful stylish lady knitting instead of on her IPhone.
As we were on our last train ride coming back to our Hotel from downtown.
I asked her if she'd sell me one. She said she doesn't have any, but would be happy make me one. So we exchanged numbers. A couple month later the girls and I are wearing her 2 scarves we ordered and we feel the love from Chicago. She is also now a friend on social media and we encourage and praise each other along the path of life.

What a gift to be able to make these.
Here my daughter is wearing one of them. She used this picture to advertise as her first customer. I've encouraged her to have this as a hobby but also to sell them because they are so beautiful.

Story 3
Here is my friend Barbara that I met on Siesta Key beach one day. I had asked her husband to teach me how to play sudoku. That was 3 or 4 years ago and we now are soul sisters. We have a sense of when thee other one is struggling.
I enjoy the ride down the coast to Venice when I'm on vacation in Sarasota,

as we enjoy the beautiful houses on the drive down Casey Key.

I love good willing and so does she. She's a painter and I loved this crab she painted on this pillow in the above picture.
Here is the pillow she painted for me a couple of years ago.
It always reminds me that thee ocean is soothing and to pray for her.
She is also the one that took me to the Jetty the first time.
So as you go about life take time to talk to strangers they are generally all good people that have so much love to share with you if you take time to care.
I wrote this blog to inspire you to receive gifts of love when given to you. Sometime the gift of receiving is harder then the giving.

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