Reminiscing On My Amish Childhood

Tonight we were driving home from Grandparents house. When my daughter piped up "I want a flat screen TV, a donkey, a Guinea pig or a pigmea goat for my birthday." I took a sigh and said "What about a coloring book?" She responds with "Mom I'm going to be 11 not 2!"

This is the only picture I have of my childhood. I'm on the left and my sister Katie Mae is on the right.
As we drove through the country side home, my mind began to reminisce of my childhood.
These are some of the thoughts that went through my mind.
What treat a new coloring book was at Christmas time. We would get homemade coloring book that Mom would buy at the local Amish store. Sometimes we got lucky and would get an English (not homemade) coloring book. Also still remembered the one Christmas we all got a Sorry game together. Usually for our Birthdays we felt lucky if Mom had time to bake us a Birthday cake. She was a very busy farmers wife. Also thought of the time when the feed man handed me a $1. bill for my Birthday.
Funny how times have changed with how the Birthday gifts are like wedding size gifts.
Also remember as a little Amish girl laying in the grass after church and looking for four leaf clovers. Or dressing up our kittens in our baby doll cloth with my sisters. Then they would run away to the haystacks in the barn and we ran after them to fetch our cloth back. Also we'd play red rover, mother may I, I spy, blind mouse. Sunday night ball games with the neighbor kids.
Had pop corn every Sunday afternoon. When we had thunderstorms we'd sit and watch with watermelon or pop corn and homemade grape juice.
We'd eat Velveeta sandwiches with miracle whip as we walked to school. If we didn't have time to eat breakfest.
Remember on butcher day our Mother would make us big fat fresh cheeseburgers when we were done butchering.
On Christmas morning we were greeted at the breakfast table, with a bowl of freshly squeezed grapefruit with sliced bananas in them.
For our Birthday our gift,it was usually to go with one of our parents to town and if we got lucky we got a pack of gum.
So what is up with the donkey the flat screen TV?
Some traditions we had as a child growing up we carry on to our now family. For I am proud of how we were raised as Amish kids. We appreciated the little things and have allot memories of living on the farm. Learning how to swim in the creek with empty milk jugs tied together. Falling off the hay wagon when we came down the steep hills. Riding sled in the snow tied to the horse. Running in water puddles after a rain, while we looked up at the rainbow. Hoping our children can some day reminisce on the fun childhood memories they made.
Here's a picture of me when I was 16.
Oh to have that body back but still wouldn't want to be back then in time. Notice the marigolds Mom always planted to keep the rabbits out of her garden.
Oh how I remember the 80's poof. I noticed I already loved jewelry back then, that's hanging on the wall.
Now that I've shared some of my childhood happy memories with you. What are some of yours?

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