Alfrado Is Our Families Favorite Recipe

Tonight I made our families favorite dinner. So easy and want to share our secret recipe with you all.
Cook 12 oz. multi colored spiral pasta.
I added chicken flavoring to water to cook pasta,
then drain pasta when it is ready.
For sauce take 1 stick of lovely butter and low fat cream cheese
and melt together and add a couple tablespoons of flour. Add about a cup of milk and
a half a container of this cheese.
With a bunch of Lawry's garlic salt.
Oh yummy! It's all coming together.
Capeese! Heaven on earth! I put cilantro,scallions,tomatoes and feta on top.
It was one of those nights where the family ate where ever they were cozy, usually we eat at the families kitchen table,but sometimes it's OK not to have rules and just be comfy. We were happy to be relaxed with warm blankets and comfort food with the new fallen snow outside.
Also took comfort that I filled the families fruit bowl today despite the unhealthy supper I made them.
Feeling blessed with all the good veggies our local Rodhes IGA is getting in even when the fruits and veggies are out of season.
Hope you have a weekend filled with comfort food,relaxation and warm blankets. 

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