Mystery Date With My Sweet Friend

Last week as I was talking to my friend she informed me we were long over due for a girls night out. So I said next Tuesday evening its a mystery date night for you and me.

Was looking forward to it all weekend. Even though today was our coldest day of the winter I still was looking forward for our date.
 To made her more curious the night before by texting her "make sure you shave your legs." Thought that it would make her curious and be a gift to herself. Since it had nothing to do with our mystery date.
So as we headed out of Amish Country to to the city. Our heated seats made us feel spoiled as we passed this poor Amish guy in his open buggy.

She couldn't believe it when I told her I wanted to go see a movie. She loves movies and I'm not a fan. Don't me a hater.
I wanted to go see "This Is 40". Since I know someone about ready to flip that page soon. I've only one time in last ten years been in a movie theater and that was to see "Eat Pray Love" since I had seen Elizabeth Gilbert the author of the book live on Oprah.
We checked to see the movie time and we had two hours to spare. Yippee!
So we went to Bonefish Grill and we enjoyed our dinners.

As we mingled over our coffee losing track of time.
We also did a quick little shopping stop at my favorite store Marshall's. There we both got our self something that will still make us feel special when spring rolls around.
As we scurried back to the theater in great anticipation of
what the movie would be like. We laughed till we snorted and our sides hurt. Really enjoyed it all but the movie had the f word more then I cared for.

This picture is dark due to fact that couldn't use flash in the theater. Was a wonderful evening to scare away the winter blues or the cabin fever that tends to sneak in this time of the year.
As we headed from the city back to Amish Country we jammed the music and sang on high with our hearts happy and our souls warmed.
Feel blessed for friends such as her. Where I can be myself and feel loved and not feel judged when we share and listen from our hearts.
Grab your friends and plan a night out. It will be good for your heart and soul till spring arrives.
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