Coffee Filter Wreath Under $5

Today I had a Pinterest idea gone bad only to come up with my own idea. Was happy with the out come of it. Being frustrated of my fail of trying, I ran out of patience.
 So I decided to go run a couple errands. I came past this beauty that is close top our house. The snow was really coming down really hard and was happy to be back home.

Got back home and guess what absolutely couldn't find my new glue gun. Looked everywhere it could possibly be with no success.
The only good out come from that dilemma is this closet got cleaned out. It is one the closets that everything gets stuck in it, and we had to hurry and close it with a quick swing before things fell out of it. Was frustrated from still not finding glue gun but was so happy with clean closet.
These are the flowers I was going to make that I failed at. So decided to come up with my own idea.
Took triangle shaped coffee filters
turned them inside out and stacked 4 of them on top. Also the top one I wrinkled in my fist to make it smaller.
Also cut down the filters to make different sizes.
Took blue and green food coloring added to water in this little empty spray bottle. I wanted the wreath to go from lighter to deeper colors and back to lighter colors as it joined together. So just added more water to bottle for lighter color.
Placed them in a plastic bag to spray to avoid a mess. Some I just touched with a little color and others sprayed all over.
This was so not my style to fuss with this all day off and on. All because the missing glue gun. So supper came and we had the move the whole fuss over to coffee table. So I started praying about the glue gun as Allen and two little ones left to watch the high school basketball.

Prayed about finding the glue gun and yes you guessed it. I found it. PTL!
Was where I had already looked 2 times;) 

So I glued the filters together on each flower

then in middle of each flower I put a dot of hot glue and sprinkled some of Syd's jewelry beads that were to small to use. They looked so pretty and made the flowers complete. Next I hot glued the flowers on the foam flower wreath. Starting with the lighter colored flowers to darker then back to lighter.
Was really happy with turn out. I used her bracelet string to hang it on the mirror.

It reminds me that spring is just around the corner.
This blog tonight was also giving me problems as I had to rewrite it 3 times. I guess if nothing else the day has taught me with patience and preservation all things come complete.
What do you do to remind yourself spring is just around the corner?

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