Bucket List

I've checked off some of my bucket list but not near all of them:
2.Drive to West Coast in convertible vintage car wearing a polka dot scarf.
3.Kids all completing college
4.Running a marathon
5.Being a motivational speaker
6.Living by the ocean
7.Celebrating my 40th birthday in Florida with my girlfriends (almost ready to check this one)
8.Having a dream herb garden
9.Traveling to Paris
10. Go to the airport an walking up to counter and say surprise me and fly me anywhere
11. Live in other country for a year
12. Get my motorcycle license.
13. Surprise my hubby with a hunting trip out west
14. Visiting Seattle
15. Get my GoGo Granola Bars on West coast
16.Get my whole family to always eat healthy
17. Travel whenever I feel like it
18. That my kids all get good life partners
19. Having a new bedroom suite
20.Never worry

Here's a couple off top of my head.

Here's a couple that I've checked off:
1. Having my own company
2. Went to Hawaii
3. Visited Malibu Beach
4.Went bongie jumping
5. Had hot air balloon ride
6. Got my passport
7. Jumped the fence(left Amish)
8. Have a kind husband
9. Have beautiful kids
10. Have relationship with God
11. Ride any public transportation system and be able to find my way around. (LA,NYC,Chicago)
12. Learn how to can
13. Write a blog and to get hits everyday
14. Hitch up a horse and drive it to town all by myself (story to that one)
15. Learn to roller skate
16. Learn to swim
17. Make a thick fat delicious cheesecake
18. Surround myself with emotionally healthy friends
19. Read the Bible through
20. Be Happy

These are all just on top my head. So what are a couple your bucket list?

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