DIY On Curtian Awning In Our Kitchen

This weekend I did a project that I couldn't believe how easy it was and it brightened up our kitchen. I made a curtain awning for my kitchen sink window.
I had seen it on Pinterest.
 I went to JoAnn fabrics an got something that looked similar to the fabric in picture on Pinterest. Along with some binding. I got a yard of materiel and I had a foot of it left over. So it all depends on size on your window.
This the brown blind I had hanging there before.
I don't sew so I used my hot glue gun instead to attach binding. Also used it for the top of awning to make a pocket for rod on top.
I bought two spring loaded rods one for top and one for half way down in front.

Ironed a crease in awning for the part that hangs over the bottom rod.
This was a easy way to brighten our kitchen. I'm not the best at giving details on DIY projects. I'm hoping I inspired you to try a new DIY project to brighten your home.

Am happy I did this instead of just thinking I wish I would.
I brought more light into my kitchen and makes me happy when I see it.
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