Daily Grind Cafe

Today I visited a groovy coffee cafe. It's downtown New Philly. Daily Grind Cafe is a unique and vintage place and has a feel of urban to it.
I met these nice business guys. LOVED the big window in background and the brick wall.
As I took a seat by the front window I loved the view out the window with a indoor plant growing up the side of the wall on the inside.

Want to do this to some of my jars. To take chalkboard paint and put on jar. What a great idea!

The place is furnished with a mismatch of chairs and tables.

They have these cool toppings for your Java.

I took the hour to sip on coffee and sit and be in the moment and relax. I was rejuvenated and inspired.
This is cool antique wastebasket was in the ladies room.

Cool way to store their coffee beans.

Awsome cabinet.

I want these for my kitchen.

Liked the industrial look with high ceilings and open duct work and shelving

with plastered walls.
 There are always unique people in coffee shops and like to visit them what ever city I'm in. 
This will be one of my sorta local favorites.
So next time you pass a coffee house stop in and enjoy the moment even if your not meeting a friend there. It will give you time to reflect and feel blessed.

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