Inspire Your Soul

Sometimes its the simple things that inspire my day. As I was leaving my house on a icy morning this week, I noticed this tree standing all alone and was inspired by its strength and beauty.
Do you ever feel like your standing alone? Those are the times I find strength in music and intentionally feeding my soul with his presence in things I see, hear, read or sometimes even smell.
I believe you have to mentally make it intentional to be able to see our blessings all around us on a daily basis.
I enjoy bright colors. They make feel happy and have I have great anticipation for all the color that spring has to bring us soon. Sometimes when its a gloomy winter I will inspire myself by wearing bright colors.

These birch trees are close to our house and am always inspired by their beauty as I drive by.

These multi color cows inspired me thee other day. Allot times a herd of cows are mostly one kind. Here there were 4 different kinds in one group. I look for things that you might not see everyday.

Believe that life is all about choices and what you feed your soul.
Is your cup half full or empty?

Are you the light in someones life or a shadow?
Be intentional on inspiring your soul for it will make a difference in your happiness.

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