Video Shoot For Lena's Amish Granola

Today was a fun day of shooting a new video for our growing Granola Company.

It was a cold day to shoot on outside but well worth the suffering for the effects of the atmosphere. Was blessed that our friends from Shrocks Heritage Furniture let us use their Amish made table.

My daughter was so kind to leave classes to do my make up since my friend from Rig and Co. flew to Vagas for business early this morning. Was so thankful for my daughters talent at a time of need.

Went to Rodhes early this morning to buy some fresh fruit for props.

Here we put some yogurt with our Maple flavored granola and topped it with some fresh fruit.
Jon from Bluefoot Technology is such a gem to work with. Let's just say his patience were tested with this spontaneous doesn't like to remember lines chic.
Today we shot the shoots in one of my Dads old barns. Love the background and the stories the barn told.
Couldn't help but shoot allot photo's myself. With the GoGo Bars and the Granola.
The products were all shot in top of barn then for the part of me talking I suggested we move downstairs where the cows were.
They were mooing in the background along with the birds singing and a occasional humming of the pigeons in the rafters. We even had a horse and buggy clip clop past in the back ground.

It was fidget cold and one the things that help me function is I pretended in my head I was at the beach and there was just a cold wind coming in from the north.

I slipped back in to my coat whenever possible. Loved the stone wall he had me stand by for shoot.
Here is one of the shots he took the other day to show how our GoGo Granola Bars really are handmade and not by machine.
Ended my day with a hot bubble bath and this sandwich. Hope your Monday was as blessed and inspired as mine.
Video coming soon.....

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