My Colorful Day With Not Much Color

Today was another dreary February day in Ohio.Despite the weather I got some really cool shots along the way. Here I was taking my sister home from our lunch date. I made a quick stop along side of the road to take picture of these milkcans waiting for milkman with the windmill in background.

Was surprised to see laundry hung out today with the rain mixed with snow.

Here a Amish Church Wagon was being driven to a neighbors. The Amish have their church every two weeks in their homes and take turns hosting it in their home then then benches, songbooks and dishes are transported in this to the next destination.

While I was sitting waiting on my sister to get her groceries. I had fun ease dropping on this fun group of ladies. They talked about the one ladies good bread. Also how boys are easier then girls. But they were talking about them being easier cause of drama or emotions. It was about being easier cause of sewing,fixing hair and and how they like their bedrooms to look. They had no idea this English lady understood every word. What I felt the most from the ladies is the trust and love they had for each other.

I'm always attracted to windmills.

Felt like I hit the jackpot on this photo of the day as I was at right place at the right time as I waited for the train. Asi was passing through the little town of Big Prairie to pick up my daughter at school.

At the end of this colorful day with very little color. I cut up this pineapple.

With sausage gravy over home-fries.

My day might not have been filled with allot of actual color but as far as the inspiration of my day it was truer a colorful day. How was your dreary day in Ohio?

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