Home Makeover In Heart of Amish County

This weekend a really cool event happened. A family that was well deserving of it, got their home made from ordinary to fabulous.

This is the before and after of the dining room.
Loved this room!

This is the before and after to the family room.

Before and after of mantle.

Before and after of light above kitchen table.

What a great idea.

Craig and Julie are amazing parents to these beautiful children.

And Bella has a lot of special needs with therapy 3 times a week.

The remodeling of their home went on hold when Bella was born.

So Barb and her team from Blessing Design Team made a dream come true for this well deserving family.

Had so much fun helping with this make over. Here I'm high five ing Amy after my great adventure with the hammer.

I knocked the warts off  the fireplace and Amy made the scars disappear.

Will worth the fun and effort.

Stephanie,Mae and Amy working on table.

Amy working her magic.

This carpet under table is a painted back of a piece of laminated floor.

Wow what a great idea.

Loved the couch with the picture.

Me trying to take care of the ugly chain.

What a transformation!

Her grandmas hutch transform from ugly.....

....a beauty!!!!!

Barb is the designer of this whole project.

Mary who also writes blogs, was one of the many angels that came to the rescue at a time of need. She also painted the kitchen chairs in the last hours when there was a change of plan.

As the papers and reporters filed in to talk to Barb her voice left her literally. She came down sick but kept right on going.

She did all she could before hand but allot labor went in the 2 days.

This was part of the Friday crew.

The Saturday crew.

Ruby the painter was quiet and sweet.

Mae was so eager to do what ever needed done.

Yes we had lots fun along the way.

Karen getting the final touches in place and the kitchen was still a mess 45 minutes before reveal...

And it's now cleaned up and ready.

The family coming home.

Think even Bella liked it.

Dinner was served to celebrate the their newly makeover home that they can feel the love from their community.
Their were many more pictures to share and many more people that deserved a shout out.
Feeling blessed to be a part of this team and looking forward to the next one that we're going to be working on soon. It will be for Deb Hoxworth and her children. We are still short with some funds for carpet at her makeover so if you feel lead to give with that project please email me lena@lenasamishgranola.com. Or contact the Blessing Design Team.

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