Blessing Design Team Hits The Road

Oh where do I start on this makeover story with miracles?
About three weeks ago my friend Sherry Gore posted on her face book on needing a wreath DIY for her front door. So I text ed her a picture of one I had made and asked her if she'd like it. Soon she called me to tell me about her dilemma on needing a fast makeover on her kitchen with her orange counter top. She text ed me pictures and I passed them on to another designer friend in hopes of fast help. All week the two (Sherry and my other designer friend that's not on Blessing Design Team) just couldn't connect due to both their busy schedules. Now I know why cause it wasn't part God's plan and this all wouldn't have happened.
Long story short a week later. Which is a week before the Today Show does a shoot in Sherry's Kitchen, there still wasn't a thing done for makeover.
I was at church and my friend Barb Chalmers the women that started the Blessing Design Team came up to me and stood in front of me and I shared with her about Sherry's dilemma and she instantly got tears in her eyes and goosebumps and said "The Lord told me all week that something is going to happen with TV and I told him then bring it to me and I'll be obedient."
With in a hour after I told her about it she purchased her plane ticket and bought this fabric that Sherry is holding and made a arrangements for her toddler for the week, and totally trusted God on this mission. As she started sewing and painting. The next morning she hopped on a plane and headed toward Sarasota to help a women she never met.

This was the first picture she send me hours after I told her about this.
These pictures were from her first night there. This makeover had to happen fast and on a $0 budget. The team(or I should say Barb) felt like blessing Sherry who deserves nothing but the best in life.
Thanks to Katie Troyer this is Barb painting letters on day two.
This is the before and after of the project.
One of the ladies that's on the team(Betty Sue) had her sister that runs Emma's Pizza make us these Pizza's.
As others prayed and we kept them updated on progress everyday as the miracles all around unfolded.
On Wednesday Amy that usually works side by side with her on the team surprised Barb by showing up (all the way from Ohio) with Panera Bread. Soon Barb put Amy to work. Amy is so gifted with her art as she made a quilt pattern on the wall.
I also showed up on Wednesday. First thing I did is take Sherry on a joy ride filled with prayer and her hanging on to her cap. I got there and the girls said give Sherry a break.
I felt bad that I didn't help with the project but had other commitments made before this makeover was planned. I guess on this makeover God used me as the connector.
That evening I picked up Barb and Amy for their distressed ride and ....
we were off to eat lobster.

During dinner I told Barb I have something for her.
When it was my Birthday I had posted on my personal face book wall that if anyone wants to get me a gift to please just donate it to our next Makeover for Deb Hoxworth (that will take place in the next month). So I handed her the money from the cash and checks I had received.

Here are a couple more before and afters.

Amazing what talent Barb and Amy have.
The friendship these two ladies have is priceless.

The lady in the center of this picture brought us key lime pie that we enjoyed all week.

Henry is the newest member of the Blessing design team.
This week of  the miracle makeover was much more then a makeover of a kitchen.
It was about being obedient when God calls you to go. It was about strangers sharing their stories as others heal. It was about others praying and seeing God work right before their eyes. Also it was about connections with women as one lady got a confirmation on going with the right adoption agency and another one getting answers on what she needed to hear.
This makeover of kithen and hearts in desperate need was part of Gods plan and gave me soul food and it gave others faith.
I'm inspired by Barbs Faith as she stepped out of her comfort zone.
God is good!Happy Easter to you all!
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