The Today Show In Pinecraft Florida

Last Friday I was a part of a segment that the Today Show taped of Pinecraft in Florida. My friend Katie Troyer that's a blogger in Sarasota asked me to be a part of a street meeting.
I'm going to take you step by step through how I became a part of this segment on the Today Show.
My sweet friend Katie Troyer asked if I'd like to be a part of it. Of course I said YES! She said she wanted to promote my business and ask for a GoGo Granola Bar in the meeting.
 This picture is a old picture I took of her when a wrote a blog Little Lady In Little House last fall.
She asked me to bring two friends to this meeting on the streets of Pinecraft. So I asked my dear friend Cheryl Stauffer who is no stranger to TV from Columbus. She is the President of Crimson Design Group a high end,well known designer. I also asked my Amish friend Marietta from Sarasota.
The next question was what to wear. So I contacted. Rhoda from Rig & Co.

She does Image Consulting and has her own line of make up that I've loved using for a couple years.
She will also be the consultant with a NEW store that's opening soon in Walnut Creek. The stores name is bfearless. They blessed us both with a brand new outfit and accessories to wear for the show. So excited for a store that will have plus size cloth that truly are plus size and don't look old ladyish.
So make sure if you visit Amish Country to stop in at this NEW bfearless store in Walnut Creek Ohio. They will open sometime in April. They have a face book page that you can like and keep updated on opening dates. I'd like to say a big THANK YOU to Tonya Schlabach the stores manager for her generosity
Sure was wonderful that this all took place in sunny Sarasota Florida.
Yes the white convertible was a part of the show too. Here is Cheryl and I all ready to go meet with the crew at Katie's house.
Sherry Gore(from Cooking & Such) on left, Me, Cheryl Stauffer, My friend Marietta from Sarasota, Larry that owns the horseless solar powered buggy and Katie is down in center.

Here is Durrell Dawson the producer from the Today Show, is learning more on Pinecraft.

What a wonderful crew they were. So real and friendly.

Here they were getting the gear ready.

Sara Haines was so sweet. Here she is practicing riding a 3 wheeler as Marietta looks on.

The street meeting.

Katie Haines asking us about our vacation.
I was telling them about the amazing vacation that I'd planned for my 40th Birthday Beach Bash with 6 girlfriends. Blog soon to follow.
As of now the airing of show will be on the Today Show on April 16th. "Today with Kathy Lee and Hoda" (fourth-hour). So excited but a little nervous to see myself on TV.
After the taping we went to The Packinghouse to eat and would you believe another TV taping was being done with Chef Judy.
 She ended up doing a YouTube with me and my friends that will air in a month or so. We chuckled at the chances of being taped twice in a day. The wonderful thing is Judy told us on all the wonderful places to eat on this vacation. That blog will follow soon too.
So look for more blogs coming soon. Thanks for being patient of my absence from blogging these past two weeks.
Here are some links to this blog in case you didn't go to the highlighted words:
www.today.com (Sara Haines)
www.rigandco.com (Rhoda Troyer)
bfearless (Tonya Schlabach)
www.crimsondesigngroup.com (Cheryl Stauffer)
www.sherrygore.com Sherry Gore)

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