A Sappy Saturday

Today was a dreary Saturday with the weather.
It was a day spend with my youngest daughter. Everyone else was gone out of the house. So we had some bonding. I painted her nails.
We made our self a yummy breakfast and caught up on laundry.
She helped me pack for a fun retreat I'm going to next week
I'm planning a 40th Birthday Beach Bash with 6 of my girlfriends in Florida next week. I've planned this party for 2 years. I'm so excited and can't believe the time is finally here. One my friends gave me these fun items to take along to the beach.
This is a little hint to those friends that are going. Love the chevron print that is a fad pattern right now.
Also looking forward to wearing this fun hat that Syd gave me for my birthday.
Also have been collecting these vintage polka dot scarves the will be blowing in the wind in our convertible.
We enjoyed some fresh strawberries that my parents brought us back from Florida yesterday.
Next we went to run after some groceries in town. Syd always requests to go to a local thrift store. So we made a stop there. We only bought one CD to take along on the Birthday Bash. I ask myself do you need it or want it. I helps me to not just buy cause its a good deal.
There was a over priced pretty cabinet there. I thought it be pretty to put lights in it and deplay all your pretty high heels. Doesn't hurt to dream.
It was one those days where I was hoping to not run into people I know. Casual cloth and no make up. Those are the days you run into ex boyfriends, friends you only see once a year. Sure you can probably relate to this one.
When we got back home we made these beautiful strawberry pies. I made mini ones for fun for the kids.
Next I got a call from a friend that needed help revamping her closet. So off we were on this dreary day to do something that I love.
This buggy had its lights on and it wasn't even night fall. It seemed like the clouds were low all day.
 I never got any shots in respect to my friend, of the before and after.
This day was sappy but still loved it. Sydni loves her one on one with her mom. I guess I do too. Thankful for my Mom, and that shes back home. After being gone for 7 weeks.

Enjoyed my colorful sappy Saturday.
What did you do this Saturday?
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