The Buzz On The Business Of Lena's Amish Granola

Thought I'd update you all on the exciting things we have had happening with Lena's Amish Granola.
First of all I want to express my gratitude for how God has blessed us. Through it we've made wonderful connections with business's and have build relationships.
You probably noticed a new look on our Blog screen. You can also Pin any of my blog pictures by just holding your mouse on picture and Pin button will pop up and you just post it to your Pinterest boards.
It is still me Lena writing the blog and I'm still Relaxnchic like before. Well I guess not really the relaxnchic like I was before I had all these responsibilities, but truly enjoy what I'm doing with this company. I'm trying to keep my old lifestyle of thrifting,garage saleing, traveling, helping people, meeting friends for lunch, canning, doing laundry, being a mom,wife and daughter. So I'm excited to continue blogging just like I did before. So yes same blog new look:)
The reason we did this is so when people go on Lena's Amish Granola websites and they hit the blog button, they won't feel like they are leaving the site. We just made our business website more user friendly and you now can have Pin,Twitter,Blog,Email all by our products, just a click of a button and you can post it or share it with others. We also offer free shipping now. We took this into allot counsel and consideration due to fact that of shipping prices keep going up. Felt like it keeps you from ordering our great products. So we took the leap of faith and assurance from those that went before us and offered it to you. You can also leave comments on products. See video about our company on the home screen. Or go to our YouTube.

Here Jon from Bluefoot is shooting the video for our company. Can't say enough on how happy I was on his production.

As I wrote a blog before, it was a freezing day when we did the shoot, in a cold old barn but all worth it. Loved the background setting of the shoots. I'm working on getting better at talking on camera but I'm sure have room for improvement.
I love my job!
I've been working on putting a face and story with the product.
People ask me weekly for advise on starting your own business or tell me how they always dreamed of starting their own business. Or what the secret is to starting your own business?(theres no secret) I tell them to everyday do one thing towards starting it instead of just dreaming. Research is there for you free on google. Just do research from every angle. Tell them to build relationships. Ask God to bless you. To Tithe. Ask from those that are successful. Score in Cleveland or there are many companies that give free advice and match you up with right people. You have to be able to take constructive criticism. Surround yourself with emotionally healthy people that motivate you. Some people will think you are being boastful but take advantage of the free social media advertising. If you don't blog ask other guest bloggers to be connected to your site. Your doing both of you a favor by linking your sites together to create traffic.
 I don't do well with brown nosing or you scratch my back and I scratch yours. I beleive in that fact what you help others with comes back to you. So I try and just be nice to everyone when they ask how I do things. That's how I'm learning to building my own business. I'm trying HARD to stay away from that political end of the business.
I've also been going out to stores and giving out free samples along with some other marketing.
I enjoy all the new people I meet. I've also become a target now for all the other marketing people that would love for me to sell their product. My motto right now is. "I have to do whats best for my company right now and my plate is full with doing that." People ask me why is it Amish Granola? I tell them cause it truly is made by the Amish.
Yesterday I met with Barb from Times Reporter on giving My Story on my company and also on some exciting things coming up in the near future. It will be published this Friday or the following Friday under entertainment.
I will give you a hint it will take place in Sarasota and will be with a the #1 daytime show. No its not a reality show! I was asked to be part of a cast in a shoot that is taped March 22. It will air in May. I'll keep you posted.
 This is so exciting and feel blessed to have these friendship and connections.
I'm still making mistakes but that's how I improve. I'm thankful for the amazing support I've got from our family,friends and all of you.
Follow your dreams and make friends where ever your path leads you.

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