My Colorful Day On My 40th

Want to share with you my colorful Birthday!
I couldn't sleep in because I was to excited that I had a date with my BFF and knew my family would also make me feel special. So I got up early and sipped my coffee and fed my soul with the sunrise and the quiet house.
Soon Dixie arrived to pick me up to go to the spa. We first went out to breakfast.
Our next stop was to the best cupcakes shop in the world. The Faithful Little Cupcake. I was so blessed with their kindness and blessings. Rayonna the owner, is one of the hardest working, generous small business owners. She as been an inspiration to me. They are ready to open up their 3rd shop in Orville.
We stopped by Big Lots to see if we could find some colorful things for our up coming 40th Birthday Beach Bash. (watch for future blogs on this)

We both stepped out of box with the shades we bought our self for this fun event. Time to put more color in the world as she is now 60 and me 40.
We need to really celebrate life with fun and happiness!
For God has blessed us with so much in connecting our friendships.
Next we were off to the spa to get our nails done.
So I decided to try something new. Its mood polish. It changes color with hot or cold tempertures. So made one foot cold for this picture, so you could see. Isn't that kinda cool? You only turn 40 once;)
Meeting this 92 year old cute Granny truly was the most colorful part of my whole day. I always like the pick fun spunky lively elderly peoples brain on what the key to life is. Since they have so much more experiences and life lessons learned then me. She mentioned she lost her husband of almost 61 years last week. I tried to comfort her and she said with the bat of an eye. "It is what it is and he is in a better place." Then she leaned over and rolled her eyes and said, "Now my kids are trying to figure out what to do with me." She said her key to life was to truly be happy and to let things roll off your shoulders when things don't really matter. I was like a sponge and felt so blessed with our paths crossing. As her daughter gathered her and the magazines she brought with her. She mention what a facebook junky this cute granny was on her Ipad to keep up with her kids and grand kids all over the world.
She blessed my day like she will never know. 

As we headed back home we spotted this beautiful lawn and of course we made a quick turn around for another picture....
....and another.  Dixie Lou!!!

Through out the day I was blessed with Birthday Text and so many wonderful Facebook messages including this cute one from one my friends from up east that is from the group "Sister's On The Fly"
Was such a beautiful day out we even opened the sunroof to feel fresh spring in the air flow through our hair.
Cards in the mail is such a treasure now a days with all the modern technology. Got this special card from a sweet Amish lady that I have no idea who is? Mrs Ivan M. Keim, She tells me she is my twin. It was sweet and touching.
My husband always spoils me on my Birthday and makes me feel like a queen.
Felicia my oldest daughter gave me the sweetest card ever with a written message that I'll never forget along with these gorgeous earrings.

Syd gave me this hat that says Lena all over it.
We stayed in and Allen went and got takeout. This was my idea of ending the perfect colorful Birthday.
Relaxing and spending the evening with my family.

Here's a sneak peak of a project I worked on for the 40th Birthday Beach Bash.....
Feeling like I'm a blessed 40 year old lady tonight. Many thank you to all of you that had a part in that:)
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