Unbalanced Day

Today I had a one earring kind of day. I left the house this morning with one big dangly earring. Think the phone must have rang before I ever got the second one put in?
So I went about my day in confidence meeting

a twitter friend that's a author. She never said a word or didn't seem to notice through out the 2 hour conversation.
Next I was off to get a accupontor treatment. That was when I discovered that I was missing one earring. So I decided I'd put the one earring back on and see what the rest of day would bring. Wondered who'd notice that I was missing one huge earring.

As I drove through the country for another meeting I captured another picture. It was such a beautiful day to be out.

As I parked the car, it made me smile as I dropped my quarter into this antique parking meter.

About at that time I got a email about my business just launched a new revised website. it was finally going live. Was so excited but had to focus on the meeting. So I wore my one huge clunky earring with confidence and took on the meeting with strive as I felt a little unbalanced.

Of all days to be missing a huge earrings this was not the day for it. As my next lunch date was with two of my friends that are Hip, professional and always have their shiz together. One was Rhoda from Rig n Co that is a personal stylist. Cheryl is principal of Crimson Design from Columbus. I decided I'd do a experiment and just keep wearing this huge one earring and see if they'd notice. We were so busy talking that I had to bring it to their attention for them to notice.
Next I was off to a meeting with my web designer. Along the way making deliveries to business's. I noticed some people seen it but never said a word.
The only person that said a word about my unbalanced day was the sweet lady at the grocery store.

This gives you just a little better view of how huge they really were. Not a good day to forget my one earring but had fun with it along the way.
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