Roadtrip To Zanesville Where I Had A Muffuletta

I traveled to Zanesville two days in a row this week so decided to take extra time the second day and take time to stop and take you with me by taking pictures. I took S.R. 60 all the way from Finney's on 39 to Zanesville. It was breath taking and such a pretty day out.
So hop in my passenger seat and enjoy the ride. As I drive along the beautiful river.

There are so many old buildings and old farms with acres of fields.

Loved all the blooming trees. Especially the purple ones.
Passed by this bucket list car. It even had a sunroof.
Here you go! Just in case you feel like blessing me. Or maybe you've been looking for one for yourself. Just please give me a ride in it when you buy it.

So much to see and so many stops I made to take pictures.
Felt kind of sad for these two above. they both looked lonely.

Had some time to kill between appointments so I browsed Goodwill.

Then to Gabriel Brothers. Loved these polka dot dishes.

My next stop was to Ditty's Deli
These are the sandwich designers. I could tell this crew could inform me much, about the town of Zanesville.

As I ease dropped on the conversation by the bar. Where the town cop and postmaster sat.

Was a very cozy quaint little place.
That I'd go back to. The muffuletta sandwich was awesome.

The whole town was filled with beautiful blooms.

This beautiful church also caught my eye.
So you ready for the ride back home with me?

The sun was shining bright and all at once the dark clouds came rolling in. What did appear? A beautiful bright rainbow. This picture above isn't very bright when I downloaded it but thought it was cool by the church.
As I drove home I decided to take the other route home.(S.R.83) When I came by the Ohio Barn there was a rainbow in the back of it also.

So as I kept putting on and off my funky new $3 shades. I kept admiring the beauty all around.

Here again its hard to see, but there was a field with mustard seed and the smokes stacks doing their thing with a bright green field.
My personal Instagram has these pictures too. If you'd like to see the pictures in a brighter version. You can go to my Instagram by hitting that button on here, on my home page.
Thanks for going with me on this roadtrip and I'm looking forward to taking you along on my next one. If its through blog or Instagram. Or who knows I might just get lucky and take you along in person.

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