20 Reasons Why I'm Excited For Summer

Today I was looking at old picture to put together for our daughters Graduation Party.When I came across allot of pictures that made me excited for summer time.
1. I'm excited for festivals like the Country Living Fair and outside flea markets.
2. I'm excited to jump in the pool and we have many great family times in our pool.

3. Time spend at the lake with friends.
 4. The local produce stands and the endless colorful pictures that can be taken there:)
 5. Watermelon

 6. Visiting vineyards

 7. Eating outside
 8. My beautiful flowers
 9. Fresh tomato sandwiches
 10. The garage sales!!!!! Always especially look forward to the German Village ones

 11. Eating outside at Rainbow Hill with friends.
 12. Having a tan

 13. Look forward to not finding all the lost socks...FLIP FLOPS!
 14. Fresh salsa
 15. Campfires
16. Beautiful butterflies
 17.Road trips with my girls
 18. Fete Blanche
 19. Attending live music events
 20. Picnics
The list could go on and on put I'm thinking I got you excited for summer now too.
It's a great time to celebrate friends and families.
So the month of May will you please be warm and stay warm?
What are you looking forward to this summer?

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