Earth Day In Amish Country

Today was National Earth day. So I decided to write a blog on earthy things that make me happy.
This is my Mom's hot bed, where she started plants from seeds to transplant into her garden late when we are past the danger of getting frost at night.
At night she closes the lids and in the morning when its a little warmer she opens the lids again.
She got these hot beds at Swiss Valley Fence.
As I went down the country roads I'd see the Amish Farmers out plowing and planting the earth.
Some with only a couple horses while others had a two horse hitches like above.
This was to good not to share. The Amish are not allowed to use the tractors in their field but are allowed to use them for transportation. When I got to Rodhe's today this tractor with a trailer, was parked in a parking spot with the trailer sticking out so that it was hard to pass. Couldn't help but see and think how pretty the orange antique tractor looked by the blooming trees.
Next I stopped by to see my friend that loves living off the land.
 Her little guy had his bare feet out in the dirt as it warmed up this afternoon, it was so pretty to take a walk in her flower gardens and
to the back of her house to see their chickens.
As we talked and walked past her garden. We were excited that spring is here and planting gardens and canning season is here.
Loved her beautiful blooming tulips.
It's hard to see this robin that has a nest in this wreath by her front door.
It is the third year for it's nest in this wreath. It never uses the same nest made out of horse hair and mud. You can see one on top from past year.
Here is a old nest and the new one with pretty eggs in it.
This made me wish I'd have planted some more tulips last fall.
This tree is what inspired me to write this blog. As I stood in this parking lot talking to a friend. I kept eyeing the beauty in the blooms with the bright blue sky and the red brick buildings in the back drop.
Today I was especially thankful for living in the country.
We grilled for first time this spring. Felt so blessed as I
grilled local grown meat along with veggies. With a side of my families favorite alfrado. 
Today I'm thankful for a new friend I met, for old friends that inspire me. I'm also thankful for the earth we depend on for our health and all the beauty that is created in it.
Tonight step outside and take a drive or a walk in the country and truly see the beauty that comes from the earth and offer your thankful spirit upward.

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