Writers Block and Spring Inspriration

If your a blogger and tragedy happens you get a thing called writers block. It happens to all of us. The things we want to write about doesn't seem to matter compared to what happened.
Then on top of what happened in Boston this week I have two very sick friends that are in need of a miracle to heal their bodies. (Becki and Jeanie in case you'd like to pray for them.)
So today I decided to purposely be inspired by the beautiful season we are in, where there is new life and new promises all around us.
In fact its my favorite time of the year.
I absolutely love all the blooming trees.

I love spring so much that we planned to have all 3 of our kids in the spring. Its a time when so much comes to life.
It is also a time where you have to enjoy the moment or the next day its gone. the blooms turn to leaves in a blink of a eye or I meant a day.
My day was filled with a lot of color and warm 80 degree weather.
 One of the nice things about my job is I get to travel from one end of the county to the next.

So today I looked for things I loved and treasured. For you never know what tomorrow holds.
I purposely made right turns down back roads where I could stop and take pictures. I felt blessed for being surrounded by so much beauty.
This tree I loved!
My Mom said it was a tulip tree.

As we made our way back home through Shreve we were at aw with the blooming pear trees.
As the sun was setting it was the final home run for the day.
Thank You God for giving me a good and safe life in the country. Tonight I feel blessed,refreshed and inspired and I'm hoping you do too.

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