Throw a Last Minute Luncheon For Girlfriends

This week I decided to throw a little last minute luncheon for a friend from out of town. I planned it spire of the moment like I do most of my parties. I planned it at 10 0clock the night before. You'd say I was nuts if you seen my empty fridge and messy house. With the kitchen sink filled with dirty dishes. Funny thing is first thing I did is sit and try and get inspired with Pinterest before I even made any preperation.
Normally I don't share these kind of pictures with you, but decided to this time to motivate you on having friends over for lunch on a whim I would.
 My cleaning lady hadn't been to our house for over a month due to my travels or sickness. Decided if I don't tell them, they might not notice. Couple swishes with the brush in the toilet bowl and the dogs prints windexed off the back door I was ready.
My daughters old stinky birthday flowers saved the day on fresh flowers. I just cut off the couple nice ones left. Set one in bathroom and other two on table.
I pulled a couple of these old bottles off my cupboard.
Made place mats out of brown grocery bags, 
a twine rope that I had and
had these pots from a thrift store so just wrote their name on it.
BAM! Tables ready:)
Had to pick up a couple things the morning of,  But was determined to just use what I had and not fuss.
I picked up these items at Rodhe's on my way to pick up my friend Katie Troyer who's from Pinecraft Sarasota Florida.
I was so excited for her to finally come visit me at our home. I met her through blogging.
 I also got these soup bowls at a thrift store in Florida.
Our one friend had a last minute obligation and couldn't make it.:(
I served:
 Sausage and Corn Chowder Soup
Thrown Together Salad
Ham and Cheese Sticky Sandwiches with Avocado
Yogurt with my Famous Maple Flavored Lena's Amish Granola with Fresh Fruit
Yep that's it! Please don't ask for recipe's cause it was thrown together Lena style.(sorry)
What really matters is we didn't leave the lunch table till 3 o'clock and then we were forced to cause of other commitments.
I should have probably been nervous to have a Bistro Owner, a famous Cupcake Owner(that has 3 stores) a Artist, a Decor Designer ,and a Professional Blogger over on the whim but I guess I never gave it a thought and just thought how great it would be to have that much talent in one room.
Hope this motivates you to throw parties with a dirty house and a empty fridge.
Break a leg and have fun while doing it!

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