Amish Food Traditions

This morning as I was spreading my honey on my toast a flood of memories came back of my childhood.
We had food traditions and I believe many families do, not only among the Amish.
On Saturday afternoon my mom would bake bread and we'd sit and spread butter and honey on it when it was still warm.
When we'd have summer rain storms we'd celebrate with popcorn and grape juice. That was a Sunday afternoon special too.
When we'd get a snow storm we made homemade ice cream.
When we had Birthdays we'd have homemade pizza and ordered in if we got lucky.
Saturday night dinners were usually hot dogs and ice cream.
Sunday mornings when we had church it was coffee soup. (The Amish only have church every two weeks)
I captured this picture yesterday. I imagine these little boys are making memories that come from tradition also.
Here are a couple food traditions I grew up with as a Amish girl. What were some of yours?

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